Friday, January 8, 2010

The Trip

Hey all

I am preparing for my trip and am so thankful for everyone's support both financially and also through prayers. I will try to keep updates for people to see and be apart of what i am doing in Australia.

God Bless,



  1. Hey Scott,

    My God continue to bless your life as your step out in this new chapter! We love you and will pray for your often.

    Roger & Patti

  2. Scott you are the man! Glad you can do this and we will be praying for you. When you get back you will have a new 3 month old newborn nephew...or neice...or somethign like that.
    love you man. Shoot a kangeroo for me.

    Rod and Brie

  3. Scott - so proud of you - glad you have a blog set up - I like following them.... you may get sick of me! I will pray as you travel - proud of your choice to be obeident to what you are called to do.
    Love you! - Aunt Melissa