Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Hey Mates

Well thank you for your prayers.. i have 3 awesome roomates in a very small room but it's all good. Well my luggage still hasn't arrived but it's just showing me that i really don't need all that i packed. I have been washing my boxers in the shower with me and borrowed a few shirts from my boy(friend) from L.A. There are 8 people in my DTS 5 guys and 3 girls. the girls are all from the states but the guys... two from Australia, one from Newzealand and one from Alabama. It's pretty cool. God gave me a peace today that this is where i am supposed to be. I am so busy so it's hard to stay connected with home but that's why i am here. I feel through the lectures already that i am learning alot through it. We will start our "Youth Street" outreach every saturday afternoon and evening this weekend which will be with the locals from Newcastle high-schools which will be really neat.

Thank you all

I am still raising support for my outreach phase in South Africa but i really appreciate all the donations that everyone helped me with. I am so blessed. Thank you kindly.


  1. So glad you took that extra pair of boxers. And why didn't we do that here at home. JK...Great to see your new posting. Great to talk this a.m. (tonight for you) I LOVE YOU MOM

  2. Hey! What an awesome opportunity this is for you. Your mom had mentioned you were leaving in 2010, but I didn't think it would be this soon. You'll def. have to keep up with the blogging; it's wonderful. I'll be checking frequently! Take care! - John and Jacquie Phillips

  3. Scott, Just dont wear boxers so you dont have to wash them all the time. We are proud of you and love you!! The kids both say they love you!

  4. Hey bud! Sorry i didnt get to say goodbye the few days before you left but you know i love you and i hope you experience great things in australia and south africa. i'll be praying for your safety and well being! have a great time!

  5. Hey Scotty! What a blessing to hear the Peace that you have, knowing this is right where God wants you to be! Blessings as you study...enjoy each moment!
    Love from the Sangrey4