Saturday, February 20, 2010


well ive almost been here for 6 weeks. It's been sweet and i am really starting to feel comfortable here. Just yesterday a girl said that she didn't think when meeting me at first that i was a crazy goof ball that was in for a good laugh almost always. I guess my true colors didnt stick out right away. this past week we were on outreach, we worked on the mercy ministries ship that is apart of ywam and will be going to papua new guinea towards the end of the year. I was challenged with being patient not knowing what each day would hold as we just had to go with the flow.

I got to go to this sweet beach today which was so ligit. Best waves i've prolly ever been in. It was awesome. the weather has been great the past week. finally started to cool off a bit. Plust i get to watch some of the olympic highlights from an aussie commentator late at night before i go to bed.

the Lord is really working in my life and challenging me to give up my life, so that i can gain it.

We recently did father heart of God week which was really neat. Realizing how much God is behind us.

If you could pray for me to give the Lord complete control over my life and my future. It's alot easier said then done when we have emotions and goals for what we think our life should look like.

Also if you could pray for my finances as well. and pray that i would have clarity on where the Lord wants me next year, time is ticking and i need to have somewhat of an idea on where i should be.

I miss you all

God Bless


P.S. Let is snowwwww... so lucky you people

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  1. Loving the new post. I guess we are thinking you are the lucky one. God is good...snow and beaches...all part of His handiwork. Do wish you were here/ no wish we were there. Really, so blessed you are getting to experience all that you are. What a life changing experience. Take it all in. Praying much. Love you dearly, Mom & Dad.