Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's been a while...

Hello everyone.

Well it's been about a month i recon since i last posted, in that time the Lord has been doing so many awesome things in my life and has been stretching me and really challenging my heart.

The past 2 weeks we were at sherwood cliffs which is a rehab community in the bush of australia. It was so beatiful there, as we were in the mountains around cliffs and tropical fruit God really gave me peace just about being here once again. It was so amazing to have time away from the urban area and be in the amazing presence of God's creation.

We got to be with guys that were in rehab for 10 days. It was really neat to be able to minister to them and serve the amazing ministry that was going on there. The Owner of the place lived completely off of faith for his finances. It was an amazing testimony of how God provides. They have so much land that was either donated or paid for by donations.

I am learning more and more how God will provide. It was neat for me to see the faith of the owner for his complete reliance on God. I am also praying as he is for my finances to continue to come in as i have been very blessed with them, but am still trusting for the Lord to provide even more.

Just last night i met a guy named ryan at the skate park who is from South Africa, he just moved here 2 months ago and is a Believer in Christ. It was so neat to connect with him, and we plan to get together to hang out soon and talk about things as he may be able to help guide me in some of our ministry as i go to south Africa in the beginning of may. It's amazing how the Lord brings things together.

Prayer wise i could really use peace in my heart and wisdom to now which path God wants me to go in over the next 6 months. I sense the Lord is wanting to do some sweet things in my life. Also i have been able to make an awesome relationship with a guy from saudi arabia who was raised muslim but is seeking truth. I met him playing soccer and have been able to hang out with him and discuss Jesus with him. He even has an arabic Bible. How awesome is that. If you could just pray for wisdom in all of that.

God is so good.

Thank you for your prayers and your continual support.

Your brother in Christ

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  1. Hey Scott - been praying for you - I was excited to see you post something when I checked this AM - It is so awesome to hear God working in your life - I am sure it is a beautiful area that you are in! Take lots of pictures. We will continue to pray that God will give you clear direction in the coming months. Love you - Aunt Melissa