Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting ready for outreach.


We just found out our outreach teams. We had 2 locations to pray about and choose from. The one team would be staying in Capetown the whole time. The other team would be staying in Capetown for 2 weeks, then heading to Pretoria for the last 5 weeks.

I prayed about it and really felt the Lord give me a peace about Pretoria. I will be going with Jeff and Ann Boardman, an older couple, along with a guy from Alabama, a guy from Newcastle, Australia, and a girl from good old Lancaster county, Kendra Martin. It should be so awesome. In Pretoria we will be staying most likely in a very poor area, that will be very primative and harsh living conditions. I am really looking forward to it although it will definately be a challenge.

Things are going really well here. I am really praying about where the Lord wants me next. And what my next step is for my life.

I really feel like God is calling me to a big part in coaching in the future. But i'm not sure when that season of my life will be. God is good and I pray he will reveal it to me.

thank you for your prayers.



  1. Praying with you and know that God will continue to show you Himself as well as where you are to be next. Trust in Him with all your heart. Thats a big word and I see you living that out. He will give you the desires of your heart. To have those desires line up with His is the challenge some days. Seek and you will find. Rest in Him. Can't wait to see you. I love you MOM

  2. Hey Putz - glad to hear you are well and always good to read a blog update
    Meet your sweet new nephew - he is a precious thing! praying for you often
    love you - Aunt Melissa