Sunday, May 16, 2010

Muizenberg to Pretoria

Well my first ten days of outreach have past. It has flown by so fast, but the Lord is so good and has been working heeps. We worked in a homeless shelter and got to speak and do worship their in the mornings and right before noon. We were able to really stir some hearts and allow the Lord to work in many of their lives. It was really a neat experience. Today i was able to meet up with this guy Jose from the shelter and we were going to go surfing but the surf was bad, so we just hung out, played some texas holdem with matches as chips. lol it was fun tho and meant a lot to him.

In the evenings we helped out with a youth program in capricorn which is a village basically where the living conditions are more than rough for these kids. The teens were amazing tho, and we were able to run the youth service on friday night. I got to do a rap for them, and well it was pretty crazy actually, about 50 kids or so were going wild about it which was so fun.

The Lord is constantly breaking my heart for the lost. There are lost people everywhere, but this area that i have been in is extra lost. It breaks my heart.

last week we took 2 soccer nets out and started playing soccer on this one rocky/sandy field and about 50 kids rocked up. It was really neat to serve and interact with them. Jeff was able to share his testimony and it was sweet cuz he has coached some top notch national players that could really relate to the kids who played with us.

I got to speak twice to the homeless shelter, and have been constantly sharing Christ with people. I don't really think it is safe to put a number to the salvations that have taken place, because only the Lord knows their hearts but about 6 people have verbally said they want to change on a 1 to 1 bases. These 5 or 6 seemed really sincere but again it is hard to tell. I am really thankful for my time here to really be a light in the community and to have about 8 or so lengthy relegious conversations with people that have really challenged them. The Lord is growing me in this area of effectively sharing his love and sharing his Word.

Thank you for your prayers.

If you could pray for me, i have been fighting a cold, but really the Joy of the Lord is my strength, so also pray that i would just be effective and keep finding my strength in Him alone.

We leave for pretoria tomorrow morning, we will fly there and then be living in a house in a village i believe. From what i understand the area is really broken and it looks like we will have more opportunity to witness on our own. I am so excited.

I miss all of you guys. It's tough to be away, but at the same time i have peace in the Lords plan and calling for me.

Following Him means literally leaving my family and friends behind for this season in my life so I'm alright with it.

God bless you all

P.S. Please pray for God to work like crazy through us to the people while we are in pretoria.

p.p.s. tickets for a worldcup game would be kinda nice as well.

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  1. Hey Scotty! It's really encouraging to hear all the things you all are doing in Pretoria and how God is moving there:)I can really see the Lord working through you. Recently you've been on my heart and I've just been praying that God can overflow his love and joy in you so that people will flock to you and become so intrigued by this love of Jesus you have. Continue to press on! We miss you back home and can't wait to hear all your stories but God needs you there in this time and wants to use you beyond belief. God Bless!