Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back in Australia

Hello friends and family.
Gosh I miss you guys and can’t wait to catch up with you when I get back July 5th. I haven’t been able to get on the internet for a while so I apologize for not getting an update up.

I am back in Australia, we got back Sunday night very late and these last 2 days have been great, but I’m so worn out. Jet lag does exist despite my logical tough guy thinking. If I could sum outreach up in one word I would have to say that it was amazing. God did so much work and I am so anxious to share pictures and stories with all of you.

To sum It up briefly, we went to Muizenberg, Cape town for 2 weeks and stayed with a YWAM base there. Then our team of 5 went up to Pretoria and stayed at a black township of a few million people called Soshanguve. We stayed and lived with a widow in the community who was with the pastors church. There We were connected with this awesome black pastor, Pastor Frans Macina. He was a ton of fun, but really got us connected with a ton of ministry. were heaps of tin houses and a lot of poverty within there. We went to churches and cell groups and schools, and hospitals and health clinics and an aids hospice. We got to share testimonies and the gospel and to pray for sick and really just serve the people there. We saw a lot of people come to the Lord and give their lives to Christ. I got to speak quite a bit and share my testimony a ton. I also got to rap for a bunch of schools and Kendra and I played a song that we wrote several times. It was sweet to see the Lord have grace on us. I am learning that we are only as effective as the Lord’s grace on our lives. People were so accepting and inviting for us to come in. We were the only white people in this community and when we would be the first to reach out a hand to shake it, they open up so much. Coming from America opened up conversation immediately and although we didn’t deserve the special treatment it helped so much in sharing the gospel and allowing them to listen to us. God was really at work and had his hand especially on our time in Soshanguve. The Lord blessed us so much throughout our trip, it was unbelievably humbling to be blessed as much as we were.
After our two weeks there we went to Bronkelspruit, Pretoria. We again didn’t know what we were getting into. We pulled into the driveway of this beautiful house overlooking a lake. We stayed with Mathys a white pastor. From there he connected us with many different opportunities. The first week we went into black townships again, and worked with an orphanage. We went door to door praying for people and for the people taking care of the orphans. It broke my heart to see the poverty and tough situations that the children have to live in. In one house we me a mother and she took care of 16 children that slept in one room about 20ft x 10ft. In that same area we prayed for the woman who couldn’t really walk and she got up and started walking very well. Then she was so joyful and told us to go pray for a guy down the street. We went down there and asked them if we could pray and they didn’t really want us to. Then the lady we prayed for came trucking down the dirt road yelling in tsutu language for the guy and his wife to let us pray for them cuz she was healed. We ended up praying for 5 more people right on the spot. It was so awesome. Then we went into another township for 4 days of ministry and did street evangelism and shared the gospel with a bunch of different groups of people. We had about 15 or 20 people in 2 days verbally give their life to the Lord. I can’t tell the condition of their hearts, but the Lord was really working and I trust that he will be faithful to bring their hearts more and more to him. On our 3rd day in that community we did open mic evangelism from the back of a truck with speakers. There I got to rap and share the gospel and play guitar and sing. It was so much fun and that day about 40 people raised their hand to receive Christ. The Lord is so good. We also got to minister in town on the street as well. We got to meet quite a few people and share the gospel as well. Our last week was a little more relaxed and we got to go see New Zealand and Slovakia for the World Cup of Soccer. It was so awesome and we got to meet and share our story with several people there. Our pastor then blessed us with a trip to Kruger national park to see elephants and giraffes and rhino’s and hippo’s and cheetah’s. We didn’t see any lions but it was still so awesome to be there.

We got back to Australia on Sunday the 20th and now we have debriefing this week. I will be home July 5th.

I am so thankful for all the Lord did on outreach. He was really with us and really used us a lot. It was such a blessing.
Can’t wait to see you all. I will email you, but I’m planning to have a story night at the end of July to share all that the Lord did and to thank you for your support.

Love you guys.


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  1. Scott - sounds like it has been an amazing few months for you - anxious to see pictures and hear more about it.
    I trust your debrief time will go well. It is a busy week - Clark and Alisa get married on Sat - wish you were here.
    love you - Aunt Melissa